Compact vacuum furnace for plasma nitriding

B.M.I. offers a wide range of vacuum furnaces allowing to do most heat treatments and thermochemical treatments. Low pressure gas nitriding has become more widespread in the last years, but B.M.I. has always kept its range of plasma nitriding furnaces in the catalog. We kept improving the design and process for our customers’ specific applications. Plasma nitriding or ionic nitriding, is more specifically used for nitriding stainless steel parts.

Our plasma nitriding range VI6_ offers four different useful volumes, making it perfectly suitable for mass production, such as large quantity of automotive parts, as well as smaller integrated productions, such as small tools, mold and dies, hydraulic pistons, cylinder units, etc…

At B.M.I., we just finished manufacturing and testing the smallest model of the VI6_ range : a VI63 furnace with useful volume of Ø500 x h500 mm for a load of 80 kg. It is B.M.I.’s 85th unit of plasma nitriding furnace.

The VI63’s compact design (only 2,10 x 1,20 m footprint) allows even the smallest entities such as laboratories or universities, to be equipped with a plasma nitriding furnace.

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