SPRUT launches commercial heat treatment activity

SPRUT is one of BMI’s Russian customers, manufacturer of hydraulic cutting tools and equipments for rescue and emergency services. For the needs of their own production, SPRUT equipped themselves with a BMI double chamber vacuum furnace (B64TH for oil and gas quenching) and a second furnace for tempering and low pressure nitriding (B54RN). For a manufacturing company, integrating the heat treatment guarantees better reactivity and cost reduction in the long run, compared to sub-contracting. Moreover, it allows the company to control 100% of the manufacturing process.

Today, SPRUT has decided to extend their range of services by creating the TVN2 subsidiary which offers the activity of commercial heat treatment. TVN2 can carry out the main heat treatments, offering repeatability of results and perfectly clean parts thanks to the vacuum technology. The fact that SPRUT owns their own metallurgical laboratory means that TVN2 can also offer hardness and microstructure analyses as additional services.

Check out TVN2’s website.