Twin furnaces for energy savings

For several years now, BMI has been working on monitoring its equipments' energy consumptions. The investment cost is an important criterion indeed, but nowadays customers are as much interested in the operating costs of their future machines. That's why at BMI, we work on improving our equipments by reducing those operating costs

Thus was born BMI's first twin furnaces working on a single pumping station. Indeed, during a heat treatment cycle, the pumping phase lasts only 30 minutes. Therefore, it is smarter to use only one pumping group for two furnaces, working alternatively on one furnace or the other. This allows not only to reduce electricity consumption but to reduce also the maintenance costs of the pumps

The first set of B54R-TWIN has just been commissioned on customer's site. Our Sales team remains available to help you set this kind of installation in your workshop. 

In order to push further the optimization of energy consumptions, our Engineering Department is also working on qualification phases of vacuum insulation (working on various material and thickness combinations).