Used Vacuum Furnaces


BMI's vacuum furnaces are sturdy industrial equipments. With regular maintenance and periodic updates, these machines can work for a few decades. Some of our customers still use their BMI furnaces after 30 or 40 years of operation.

Following on from our CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) and in order to reduce industrial wastes, BMI is committed to giving a second life to our old furnaces which our customers do not have use anymore. 

We buy BMI's used furnaces, we refurbish them if necessary and then we sell them on the second-hand market so as to favor the circular economy.  

On top of offering short delivery periods, it is an economic solution for many manufacturers who do not wish or cannot invest in brand new equipments.

Buying a used BMI Furnace is a guarantee of quality. As the original manufacturer, BMI is the best actor to make a reliable diagnosis of its own machines and therefore offer the best quality/price ratio regarding the absolutely necessary refurbishment works while maintaining an attractive price for a second-hand furnace.


Case study: Used & refurbished B54TH with Carburizing


Benefits of buying a second-hand BMI furnace

  • Available immediately or on short delivery term
  • Attractive price compared to a brand new investment
  • Access to furnace history + diagnosis by BMI making it a safe purchase
  • Furnace clean-up, repair and refurbishment done by BMI's team
  • Electrical, software and PLC upgrades with up-to-date equipments, including BMI's latest innovations
  • Furnace modification can be done (on a case-by-case basis) in order to adapt it to your needs


Buying a second-hand BMI furnace is peace of mind for you as we offer the full package including the same services as the ones you would have for a brand new furnace :

  • Upgrades and testing performed in BMI's workshop
  • Organizing transportation to the new site
  • Support for on-site installation
  • On-site commissioning by BMI's team
  • Training for furnace use, furnace maintenance & metallurgical processes
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting
  • Supply of OEM spare parts

Used furnaces currently available





Closed water loop _ SOLD

Selling your used furnace

Several reasons can lead a factory to part with a perfectly operational furnace: factory modernization, replacement of the whole fleet of furnaces, factory relocation or definitive closure, equipment optimization as part of mergers & acquisition...

Benefits of reselling your used furnace to BMI ?

  • Purchase of the furnace and its peripheral equipments as it is
  • BMI is your only contact (no intermediary)
  • Dismantling of the furnace by BMI
  • Organizing transportation
  • Exemption of dealing with industrial wastes management & regulation


Our field team is always looking for second-hand BMI furnaces. So whether your furnace is two years, ten years or twenty years old, if you want to get rid of it, contact us to know what would be its cash surrender value.


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