Custom-made furnaces

On the basis of its 14 ranges of standard furnaces, BMI offers to study, design and manufacture custom-made equipment for its clients to meet the most specific requirements.

These requirements can be characterised by useful dimensions, vacuum levels, pumping speeds or heating ramps beyond standards, sensitive usage surroundings (e.g.: clean room), special techniques (e.g.: production of calcium or coating techniques), or even restrictive normative surroundings (e.g.: aeronautics or agro-processing ).

Numerous equipment resulting from specific studies has since enriched the offer for BMI vacuum furnaces like BA5_, B4_R or V6_TH. The latest one resulting from these specific studies is the B59T700 vacuum furnace (titanium stress relieving), which has an effective useful volume of 2500x1500x7000 mm, a full metal heating chamber and 4 pumping units and therefore represents the largest furnace ever manufactured by BMI Fours Industriels.

Besides this ability to develop custom-made solutions, BMI can also bring in its expertise for creating heat treatment workshops : integration of BMI equipment and of attached peripherals (water loop, gas buffer tank, washing machine...), automation of loading-unloading operations, supervision of production facilities, implementation of a metallurgical laboratory…



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