BMI builds new giant furnace for China

As mentioned last year, BMI won a new public bid in China for the supply of a very large vacuum furnace for one of AECC's subsidiary (Aero Engine Corporation of China). This furnace will be used for titanium annealing and stress relieving applications, among other processes. The useful dimensions are 2500 x 2500 x h1300mm for a max load of 5 tons.

This furnace will be equipped with a full metal hot zone designed and made by our long-term Austrian Partner, PLANSEE. It will use the ENERZONE technology with the patented honeycomb-shaped ML hot face (Molybdenum-Lanthanum).

Furnace assembly in progress at BMI workshop

This new furnace may remind you of a similar furnace that was delivered a few years ago in China. The useful dimensions were even bigger with 2500 x 7000 x h1500 mm for a max load of 7 tons.

The 7m-long chamber furnace. Biggest furnace ever produced by BMI.

This new project is once again the proof that BMI can handle big and complex projects while complying to the customer's demands and technical specifications.