Green energy by solar tracking systems

We are taking a significant step towards a more sustainable future by installing solar tracking systems.

We are excited to announce that we have recently completed the installation of 5 solar tracking systems at BMI's premises. These solar trackers will allow us to optimize the capture of solar energy throughout the day, thereby reinforcing our commitment to clean and renewable energy.

Three trackers have been installed in the employee parking lot and two trackers on the Shipping area.

There are many benefits to such an installation :

Increased energy efficiency: Solar trackers will follow the path of the sun, thereby maximizing energy production by up to 25% compared to a fixed, unmoving installation.

Reduction of our electricity bill: 30% of our annual electricity needs shall be produced by the 5 trackers, resulting in significant savings on our annual electricity bill.

Reduction of our carbon footprint: By using a clean energy source, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing down climate change.

Improvement of our competitiveness: By investing in sustainable energy solutions, we strengthen our position in the market by meeting the growing expectations for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.


This initiative aligns with our long-term commitment to decarbonize the industry and to promote sustainability.


Here are some photos taken during the impressive installation works of the trackers. Watch the time-lapse video of the works on our YouTube channel.