New gas quenching furnace for Japan

Last month, we hosted our Japanese agent, Sanwa Seiki, for the pre-acceptance of a new gas quenching furnace, type B84T. The furnace is equipped with one of our newest option: the Graphtil supervision is installed on a swivelling arm, allowing the operator to be as close as possible to the furnace. The customer's production line being fully automatic, we equipped the furnace with an automatic up/down sliding door, allowing the automation of transfer operations from one machine to the next. 

Four de trempe gaz avec porte guillotine pour le Japon

BMI et Sanwa Seiki devant le four pour le Japon

This furnace will be installed in OSG Yana factory. In the mean time, you will have the opportunity to see it exhibited on our booth during the THERMOTEC show in Tokyo.

Meet us on our booth D01 from 19th to 21st of July 2017.