Production facility transfer

We are designer-manufacturer of vacuum furnaces but we also offer various services, such as turnkey solutions for the transfer of production plants.

Equipment mobility in the heat treatment sector is becoming more and more regular nowadays, for economical reasons first but also with the aim to optimize the flows of parts to be treated.

In February 2016, we’ve finalized the transfer of vacuum heat treatment equipments from a US-based SAFRAN plant, to SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES Tarnos plant, in the South of France.

Along with SAFRAN’s team, B.M.I. has carried-out the complete plant transfer, that is: disassembly, equipment handling, transportation, re-erection, commissioning as well as assistance for the new certification of equipments.

The transfer included two large size B.M.I. vacuum furnaces as well as an automatic carrousel tray.

The operation was a success despite its initial complexity (technical and regulatory difficulties). The transfer was completed on time and the initial budget was respected. This intervention allowed the Tarnos plant to increase its heat treatment capacity, thanks to the additional and upgraded equipments they have received.

For any request regarding transfer of vacuum furnaces, but also retrofit of BMI equipment, upgrade to the new standards, etc... please contact our After Sales Department.

We will do our best to ensure the continuity of your operations and we will offer you a solution suited to your technical and budgetary needs.