Another giant furnace for 2020

While we are just completing the assembly and acceptance protocol of the B59T250 furnace which we introduced to you a few months ago, BMI has just signed a new contract for another very big size furnace for China.


The previous B59T250 furnace which was recently tested in BMI and is about to be shipped to China

This new furnace will be a B59T450 and will offer a useful volume of 2.5 x 1.2 x 4.5 m for a 5 tons load.

Like most of our vacuum systems for the Chinese market, this furnace will be used for vacuum annealing and stress relieving on titanium alloy large welded parts.

It comes as no surprise that the furnace will be equipped with a full metal hot zone, designed in partnership with our supplier PLANSEE, offering optimum homogeneity (+/-5°C) at low temperatures, thus allowing to do alpha-beta alloys stress relieving treatments (from 480°C) under a high vacuum level (10-5 mbar).