For over 70 years, B.M.I. designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment of high value-added metal parts and sub-assemblies. Our vacuum furnaces are used in very diverse sectors such as aeronautics, military, medical, tooling, watch making or R&D centres.

With over 1400 working furnaces all around the world, B.M.I. has proven its capability to adapt its technologies and to meet the specific needs of the most demanding industrial processes. Today, our facility is equipped with more than 4000m² of workshops, a metallurgical laboratory and around seventy qualified employees, who participate in making B.M.I. the specialist of vacuum heat treatment.  

1947: The Baudassé brothers create the Baudassé company.

1974: The H.I.T. Group purchases the company. Production is entirely dedicated to vacuum and plasma heat treatments.

1977: The company merges with the Martin company, thus becoming Baudassé Martin Industries (B.M.I.).

1997: BODYCOTE International buys the H.I.T. Group.

1999: BODYCOTE stops all manufacturing activities. B.M.I., Mahler and SCHMETZ create the MTH Group (Metall technologie Holding). IVA, RIVA and Huisen will join shortly after.

2013: TENOVA purchases the MTH Group, renamed H.T.C. (Heat Treatment Components).

2019: QIJING MACHINERY CO. buys the H.T.C. Group.