After-Sales Services

In order to provide our clients with an optimal rate of availability and productivity of their BMI vacuum furnaces, we undertake to share our expertise with our clients and to intervene as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our competent after-sales service and our international experience (close to 80% of the furnaces sold by BMI every year are installed outside of France), we can assure you that your furnaces will operate in an optimal manner, no matter where they are installed in the world.

Every new heat treatment furnace benefits from our 12-month “Orange” Warranty, parts and labor included (24 months in option). Before any on-site intervention, an analysis shall be carried out by telephone or by modem if the furnace is equipped with it.

Our experience helps us to guide you in defining the additional requirements of the furnaces and to offer you as well as to install turnkey systems.

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We are happy to advise you personally, tailored to your requirements.

You can reach us by phone, comfortable via e-mail or through our contact form

+33 (0)4 74 94 61 61

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Our intervention programme includes:

  • Commissioning the new furnaces
  • Training your staff as regards to the use, maintenance and metallurgical techniques
  • Upgrading the installations to adapt the furnaces to new standards or their variations (NADCAP, DMP11…)
  • Curative and preventive maintenance - maintenance contracts - leak detection with helium spectrometer
  • Measurements, verifications and calibrations with AMS2750 certified equipment
  • Assistance via our hotline and our technical support
  • Optimisation of industrial process and metallurgical technical support
  • Removal of turnkey installations
  • Repairing of BMI equipment bought second hand
  • All types of repairs, including non-BMI furnaces (heating chambers, frames, etc.)
  • Electrical and electronic data processing upgrading of old furnaces (replacement of electrical control cabinets and piloting and supervision systems)
  • Spare parts and peripherals (loader, gas buffer tank, Chilled water closed circuit)



After-Sales Department

Tel. +33 (0)4 74 94 61 6