Tempering Furnace - Type B5_R

The B5_R range is an horizontal tempering and low-temperature heat treatments furnace.

  • 450 x 450 x 600 mm – 1000 x 1000 x 1800 mm


    Chamber dimensions (W x H x D) mm

    Load (kg)


    450 x 450 x 600



    600 x 600 x 900



    900 x 700 x 900



    900 x 700 x 1200



    1000 x 1000 x 1500



    1000 x 1000 x 1800


  • 200 – 2000 kg
  • Mineral wool with stainless steel / Inconel / CFC
  • GRAPHTIL® man-machine interface
  • 10^-2 mbar
  • Cooling pressure: 1,2 bar abs
  • Max 750°C, 900°C (option: B5_RHT)
  • Forced convection heating under inert gas pressure
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Ageing
  • Stress relieving
  • ALLNIT® low-pressure nitriding
  • Nitrocarburising
  • *COOLPLUS* sub-zero treatment


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Detailed description

B5_R, vacuum furnace for low-temperature heat treatments

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_R family are designed for main low-temperature heat treatments and are often the perfect supplement to B8_T or VSE8_T hardening furnaces. These furnaces are particularly well suited to inert gas convection treatments after vacuum purge such as: tempering, annealing, ageing, stress relieving…

B5_R is a vacuum furnace ensuring excellent uniformity in temperature and reduced cycle times at the same time while respecting the surface integrity of parts to be treated. This BMI furnace has a low static load and a strong insulation significantly reducing energy consumption and thereby treatment costs.

In addition, the vacuum furnaces of the B5_R family can be provided with the ALLNIT® Low-Pressure Nitriding option that can also be supplemented with the ALLNIT-OX® post-oxidation process.

The *COOL PLUS* cryogenic process, developed and patented by our sister company SCHMETZ, is available as an option in B5_R. This treatment offers numerous advantages: *COOL PLUS* reduces the rate of residual austenite while increasing the hardness and dimensional stability of treated parts, which additionally retain their exceptional brilliance due to the total absence of condensation after cold exposure. This "sub-zero" treatment process, particularly well suited to treatment of stainless steels, high-speed steels and tools, takes place between the quenching and tempering cycles.

Additional options

Pumping unit:
  • Primary pump + roots (standard)
  • Dry vacuum pump 
  • Diffusion pump
  • Chilled water system
  • Gas buffer tank
  • Electric / manual loadingcarriage
  • Automation of the installation
  • Washing machine
  • Grids, baskets, fixtures