Press Review

Below is a press review of BMI. Check out what others tell about BMI or what BMI writes about on third party medias regarding vacuum heat treatments.

  • December 2017: L'Essor, a French local magazine, published an interview of BMI's Managing Director (French)
  • December 2017: Heat Treat Today speaks about our Twin furnaces.
  • November 2017: our customer Ramada Aços speaks about our development partnership for the Twin-furnaces (Portuguese)
  • November 2017: Heat Treat Today mentions the opening of new heat treatment workshop of Medin, showcasing our B55TH
  • September 2017: Le Dauphiné, regional newspaper, published an interview of BMI's managing Director (French)
  • Septembre 2017: Traitements & Matériaux magazine, news about BMI's 70th anniversary with its customers (French)
  • January 2016: Industrial Heating magazine, technical article on vacuum oil quenching properties and applications, in English and in Portuguese in the Brazilian edition of Industrial Heating.