Vertical Oil Quenching furnace - Type V6_TH

The V6_TH range is a two-chamber vertical oil quenching furnace, offering an alternative to atmospheric pit furnaces. It is particularly suited for the treatment of long tapering parts, like landing gear components.

  • Ø 900 x H 1600 mm – Ø 1500 x H 3000 mm


    Chamber dimensions (Ø x H) mm

    Load (kg)


    Ø 900 x 1600



    Ø 900 x 2000



    Ø 1500 x 1600



    Ø 1500 x 3000


  • 1000 – 2000 kg
  • Graphite or graphite/CFC
  • GRAPHTIL® man-machine interface
  • 10-2 mbar, 10-5 mbar, 10-6 mbar
  • Max 1050°C, 1250°C
  • Pressure on oil bath: 0,9 bar abs
  • Oil quenching of low alloy steels (without surface oxidation)
  • ALLCARB® low-pressure carburising
  • Carbonitriding


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Detailed description

V6_TH, two-chamber vertical oil quenching vacuum furnace

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the V6_TH family are two-chamber vertical vacuum oil quenching furnaces for the treatment of large loads as an alternative to atmospheric transfer furnaces. These furnaces are the vertical versions of the vacuum furnaces of the P16_TH family and are particularly well adapted for the treatment of landing gears and any long and heavy parts. This furnace has a simple and compact design that limits operating and consumables costs as well as the occupation of ground space.

This vacuum furnace can be equipped with convection to reduce heating time and, possibly, to carry out homogeneous low-temperature heat treatments such as vacuum tempering cycles, which can complement vacuum oil quenching (after passing the load through a washing machine).

The heating chamber can be maintained at a temperature to increase productivity. The airtight door inside guarantees zero interaction of oil vapours and thus helps to reach high vacuum levels. This furnace is equipped with a fully automatic handling system (translation on rail and picking up of the load by lift) allowing a transfer time in the order of 25 seconds (on V64TH160). The installation is fully automatic and enables perfect reproducibility of results, and thus improves productivity of the equipment.

BMI optionally offers, for its entire range of vacuum oil quenching furnaces, ALLCARB® low-pressure carburisation, which is distinguished by its industrial results: precise, reproducible and homogeneous. Its use is facilitated by a software assistant, which helps to calculate the cycle parameters according to the depth sought and the steel grade, while retaining the possibility of modifying them in order to optimise these carburising parameters for a specific application.

The clients with reproducible production, just like certain aeronautical subcontractors, prefer the single-chamber furnaces of the B5_TH family exclusively dedicated to oil quenching. Clients looking for flexibility, just like surface treatment contractors, prefer B6_TH and its design that offers gas quenching, oil quenching and the option of carburising all at once. For mass production, just like automobile production, our clients very willingly turn to the furnaces of the P16_TH vacuum furnace family.

Additional options

Firing mode:
  • Vacuum radiation (standard)
  • Gas convection  (+/-5°C over the 200-800°C range)
Forced cooling:
  • 1,9 bar abs cooling in cold chamber
Pumping unit:
  • Primary + roots (standard)
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • Diffusion pump
  • Quenching oil
  • Chilled water system
  • Gas buffer tank
  • Electric / manual loading carriage
  • Automation of the installation
  • Washing machine
  • Grids, baskets, fixtures