High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Type B5_T

  • 450 x 450 x 600 mm – 1200 x 1200 x 1800 mm


    Chamber dimensions (W x H x D) mm

    Load (kg)


    450 x 450 x 600



    600 x 600 x 900




    900 x 700 x 1200




    1000 x 1000 x 1500



    1200 x 1200 x 1800


  • 200 – 2000 kg
  • Graphite, Molybdenum or alternative fiber/wool combinations
  • 10-2 mbar, 10-5 mbar, 10-6 mbar
  • Max 1250°C, 1350°C, 1500°C
  • GRAPHTIL® man-machine interface
  • Cooling pressure 1,4 to 2 bar abs
  • Sintering
  • Steel quenching (without surface oxidation)
  • Solution annealing of stainless steel
  • Bright annealing
  • Ageing
  • Stress relieving
  • Brazing
  • Special alloy degassing
  • Steel tempering
  • ALLCARB® low-pressure carburising
  • Carbonitriding


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Detailed description

B5_T, vacuum furnace for high-temperature treatments

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment). These furnaces will be particularly well suited to the applications of vacuum annealing and ageing as well as brazing and sintering.

The B5_TM vacuum furnaces have been specifically designed on the basis of B5_T vacuum furnaces for MIM (Metal Injection Molding) vacuum sintering. In addition to the over-sized pumping units, these B5_TM vacuum furnaces, designed for operating at temperatures as high as 1500°C, will be available with 100% graphite or metal insulations (superpositions of molybdenum and stainless steel shields) according to the sensitivity of the alloys to be sintered.

As per the selected options, this equipment will be specially adapted for vacuum treatments of: brazing, sintering, degassing of special alloys, MIM, annealing, ageing, boriding, ALLCARB® low-pressure carburising.

BMICRO is an economical alternative for the treatment of small loads while VSE8_T will be recommended for large loads.

Additional options

Pumping unit:
  • primary pump + roots (standard)
  • dry vacuum pump
  • diffusion pump
  • baffle for diffusion pump
  • cold trap
  • chilled water system
  • gas buffer tank
  • electric / manual loading carriage
  • automation of the installation
  • washing machine
  • grids, baskets, fixtures