Workshop upgrade : New water cooling system for in-house furnace testing

Each furnace that is assembled in our workshop undergoes testing and control procedures. Each furnace is connected to several utilities networks :

- Electricity

- Gas (nitrogen or argon)

- Water : aimed at cooling the double-walled vessels and at supplying water to the exchangers inside each equipment. This water network also needs to be cooled down.


At BMI, we have recently upgraded and commissioned a new environmentally friendly cooling system.

The old cooling system was a simple air-cooled condenser water chiller set-up inside our workshop. The hot air coming out of the condenser was evacuated outside or inside the workshop depending on the season and heating needs. The water chiller was thus consuming electricity to supply the compressor and the fans, even when the temperature was 0°C.

The new cooling system is installed outdoor and is made of a air-cooled water chiller with a heat recovery system and a dry cooler. Depending on the outside temperature, we can use only the dry cooler and recover the hot water from the condenser to blow hot air inside the workshop via heating units. This new system will allow us to reduce the electric consumption and to offer added comfort within our production workshop.